The Connected Car: Safe, Clean, Secure

Hello – I’m a connected car! I’m safe, clean and secure! By using information and communications technology, I can talk to my driver, to fellow cars, to the roads, and to others.

I’m a minority in the world of cars right now – Only about 8% of cars coming out of factories today are connected in some way. But soon that’s all going to change. By 2020, about a quarter of all cars will be online.

Most of the technology to get me talk to other cars already exists, and it helps my driver get from his home to his office more efficiently every morning. I save time and money by guiding him get from place to place faster; avoiding traffic jams and road hazards, as well as enabling him to work and stay informed on the go!

I am more than just a car: with me, my driver is more connected to the rest of the world. I integrate with his mobile phone and other devices to keep him up to date with news, infotainment and his daily schedule.

My driver and passengers can even install apps on my on-board computer to adapt me to their needs. Like on a smartphone, these apps can be anything from maps and parking apps for my driver, to email clients and games or video services for my passengers. If I need to go in for a service – or I need any replacement parts to keep me going – I can alert my driver and even book the maintenance appointment at a local garage.

My new connectivity technology is moving the boundaries of what it means to own a car. It also means there are still things to be worked out so that owners can make the best choices as to how to maintain me. Like a computer, I have many complex systems that need to be kept up to date to work properly – and I contain a lot of information about my driver that I’d like to keep safe. I also need to be treated with care so that I’m safe from interference with my systems – I wouldn’t want anything going wrong while I’m on the move!

I am part of a growing network of cars that can exchange information to help avoid accidents and improve traffic flow. The infrastructure I’ll need to make the most of my connectivity talents isn’t all built yet. But when it is I’ll also be able to talk to things like traffic lights and road signs to find out what’s going on. I’ll be able to advise my driver about trouble further down the road, as well as unseen traffic jams and speed limits. This will make all of us a lot safer on the road.

My connectivity talents means I will be a lot cleaner, particularly in cities. Because I can find the most efficient route, I don’t have to stop and start so much; and because I know all the best available parking spots, my driver will spend less time and energy looking for a place to leave me.

Connected cars like me will open up a new world of possibilities that will make road transport safer, cleaner and more secure. It’s a future that’s only a few years away!

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