De Meo: Europe urgently needs a holistic approach to automotive industry challenges

To mark the launch of ACEA’s Manifesto for a #FutureDriven European mobility ecosystem and Luca de Meo’s re-election as ACEA president, journalists from across the globe gathered in person and online for a hybrid press conference in Brussels.

Emphasising that Europe and its automotive industry are now at a turning point, Mr de Meo urgently called for a holistic approach to automotive industry challenges. He also underlined the importance of a cohesive industrial strategy which ensures the industry’s competitiveness on a global level playing field. He concluded with a call for constructive dialogue with all public stakeholders, including the EU, but also national and local authorities to better meet the expectations of EU citizens.

You can consult Mr de Meo’s full speech here:

Europe urgently needs to adopt a holistic approach to automotive industry challenges, encompassing the entire value chain, from upstream to downstream. Because the issues we are facing cut right across sectors: automotive, mining, energy, infrastructure, and beyond.
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