The commercial vehicle industry in Europe – ACEA Commercial Vehicle Manifesto 2019-2024

Efficient transport is the backbone of Europe’s economy, growth and competitiveness. Indeed, the European Union would literally come to a stop without trucks, buses or vans.

Although essential to our prosperity and well-being, the commercial vehicle industry in Europe – and road transport in general – is facing several fundamental challenges today:

  • Demand for the transport of goods and people is expected to grow substantially in the years to come.
  • The Paris Agreement has set ambitious climate goals, which the commercial vehicle industry is committed to contributing to.
  • There is a growing diversity of alternative fuels and powertrains, but a nearly complete absence of charging and refuelling points suitable for commercial vehicles.
  • Pollutant emissions need to be further reduced.
  • Automation and digitalisation are set to change the way we transport goods and people.
  • The transport sector is facing a shortage of skilled drivers.
  • Transport operators are struggling with low operating margins.

This 2019-2024 ACEA Commercial Vehicle Manifesto complements ACEA’s ‘The future of the EU auto industry’ manifesto by highlighting the importance of the three main commercial vehicle segments: trucks, buses and vans.

In addition, it also puts forward commercial vehicle-specific policy recommendations for the newly-elected Members of the European Parliament and the European Commission.


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