Position paper – Review of the CO2 Regulation for cars and vans

The European automobile industry is fully committed to the 2050 climate neutrality targets. ACEA members see the review of the CO2 Regulation for passenger cars and vans as an important step in the process of decarbonising road transport, and want to stress the need for an ambitious, but realistic and achievable, roadmap for the European automotive sector.

As the new ACEA position paper explains, the review (foreseen for June 2021) should be based on technological openness, keeping doors open for different options to deliver CO2 reductions. The European Commission should take a holistic approach towards the overall decarbonisation process, addressing all relevant pieces of legislative proposals in a coordinated and timely manner.

This paper sets out the seven key recommendations of the EU auto industry for the upcoming review of the CO2 Regulation:

  1. 2025 ambition level
  2. 2030 ambition level
  3. Conditionality in connection with the AFID review
  4. Modalities to reach the targets
  5. Specificities of vans
  6. Targets beyond 2030
  7. CO2 monitoring process update


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