Position paper – Proposal for revision of ITS Directive

The Directive on Intelligent Transport Systems – designed to be the framework for accelerating and coordinating the deployment and use of ITS for road transport – has led to great improvements over the past 10 years.

However, it has a number of limitations, most notably regarding:

  • interoperability;
  • continuity of services;
  • cooperation among stakeholders; and
  • availability and sharing of data supporting ITS services.

In this context, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) welcomes the European Commission’s proposal for a Directive amending the ITS Directive. Nevertheless, it is concerned by the wide extension of the Commission’s power to adopt secondary legislation, as well as the increased obligations for ITS service providers. This unfortunately fails to translate into a greater involvement of ITS service providers in decision making, which ACEA believes is essential for effective ITS services.

ACEA’s position paper contains the following recommendations:

  1. Complete the set-up of national access points (NAPs)
  2. Harmonise NAPs, as well as NAP metadata formats
  3. Define a plan for centralising data-sharing between NAPs
  4. Set out an action plan for the adoption of ITS specifications in consultation with ITS service providers, with a timeline for adopting relevant delegated acts
  5. Prioritise the adoption of C-ITS specifications
  6. Include a clear definition of emergency situations that justify the adoption of interim measures
  7. Introduce checks and balances on the emergency powers of the Commission, including a six-month time limit on interim measures adopted, and the consultation of ITS service providers prior to and during the emergency period
  8. Prioritise the deployment of ‘essential’ services and provide basic guarantees for ITS service providers who are expected to share data with NAPs
  9. Adopt additional guarantees for ITS service providers who are expected to share privately-held data with NAPs
  10. Revise the specifications for eCall to reflect the need to switch to next generation eCall technology, and ensure continuity of service during the transition period
  11. Involve ITS service providers in all ITS activities in a timely and meaningful manner
  12. Involve ITS service providers in the EU ITS Committee
  13. Consult and involve the ITS Advisory Committee in the development of the ITS action plan and the adoption of all secondary legislation
  14. Update the principles of interoperability and maturity laid down in Annex II, and add the principle of technological neutrality
ACEA welcomes the Commission’s proposal to review the ITS Directive, which should address a number of road safety issues and assure coherence with other EU policies that depend on radio communication along Europe’s road network.


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