Position paper – European Commission proposal on CO2 standards for new heavy-duty vehicles

Following the publication of the European Commission’s proposal on future CO2 standards for new heavy-duty vehicles in May 2018, this ACEA position paper seeks to contribute to the ongoing discussions on the design of the EU framework for regulating CO2 emissions from trucks.

ACEA members have significantly reduced CO2 emissions from new heavy-duty vehicles over the past years. In parallel, pollutant emissions have been slashed dramatically. Looking ahead, the automobile industry remains committed to further cutting CO2 from road transport.

Europe’s truck manufacturers are willing to commit to ambitious CO2 targets, provided that these are realistic and in line with what is technologically possible and economically viable. In order to ensure that the CO2 targets under discussion are also deliverable in practice, ACEA believes that the new regulatory framework should strive to be cost-effective, reflect the diversity of the truck market, and enable innovation without imposing a technology choice.

This position paper is structured around three main clusters:


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