Paper – CO2 emissions from heavy‐duty vehicles: preliminary CO2 baseline (Q3‐Q4 2019)

This paper by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) provides an analysis of the CO2‐emission values of heavy‐duty vehicles produced for the European market during the second half of 2019.

  • The analysis shows that 68.2% of the CO2 emissions of all analysed vehicles can be attributed to just one subgroup, namely 5‐LH (4×2 tractors, GCW >16t). 
  • It also reveals that 95% of all vehicles in 5‐LH, the most important subgroup, have CO2‐emission values between 52 g/tkm and 64 g/tkm with an average of 56.5 g/tkm.
  • The spread of CO2‐emission values around the average for the 5‐LH subgroup is only +13.3% to ‐8.0%, or about +/‐10%.
  • Even though the EU Regulation specifically allows the use of ‘standard values’ under certain conditions, over 90% of all CO2 values determined with VECTO are based on measured component‐input values for all components.
  • For each individual component (axles, transmission and air drag) 94‐97% of the CO2 calculations are based on measured input values.


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