E10 petrol fuel: vehicle compatibility list

The European Union Fuel Quality Directive introduced a new market petrol specification from 1 January 2011 that may contain up to 10% ethanol by volume (10 %vol). Such petrol is commonly known as ‘E10’.

It is up to the individual country of the European Union and fuel marketers to decide if and when to introduce E10 petrol to the market and so far E10 petrol has only been introduced in Finland, France, Germany and Belgium.

To assist consumers to recognise which unleaded petrol they should put in their car, ACEA has complied this list that shows which petrol vehicles can safely use E10 unleaded petrol and which petrol vehicles should continue to use E5 unleaded petrol. The list also contains information for cars produced by Japanese manufacturers who are not members of ACEA. ACEA is grateful to JAMA for their cooperation in compiling this list.

The latest version of this list released today has been updated with latest information from all ACEA and JAMA members and the document introduction has been revised to refer also to the new vehicle-fuel labelling requirements – available here: http://www.acea.auto/files/ACEA_E10_compatibility.pdf.


Reproduction of the content of this document is not permitted without the prior written consent of ACEA. Whenever reproduction is permitted, ACEA shall be referred to as source of the information. Quoting or referring to this document is permitted provided ACEA is referred to as the source of the information. 

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