BPR: Automotive Industry Guideline

The Task Force Biocides has revised the AIG-BPR in response to comments and suggestions from the automotive industry. The AIG-BPR is a practical guide to the BPR that includes clear step-by-step compliance actions.

AIG-BPR Key Messages:

  1. Identify BPs and Tas
    Create an inventory of any ASs in BPs or TAs that you manufacture, import, use or supply.
  2. Identify the product-type
    Decide on the correct PT, based on your customers’ uses and your own, and using technical knowledge of the product from the companies involved (suppliers, distributors, manufacturers).
  3. Identify your roles
    For each BP or TA on the inventory, identify your role(s) eg manufacturer, supplier, importer, professional user, and then your corresponding BPR obligations.
  4. Check active substance status (ASS)
    You need to understand the BPR status of each active substance (AS) in each BP and TA on your inventory, in order to determine the applicable transitional measures for marketing and use.
  5. Substitute or eliminate ASS
    Where the AS status identifies the need, make and implement plans to substitute or eliminate those affected ASS.
  6. Label BPs and Tas
    BPs always require BPR labelling. TAs require BPR labelling if you make a biocidal claim about the TA, or if the approval conditions of the AS mention labelling as a requirement.
  7. Provide further information to customers
    On request from a customer about biocidal treatment of a TA, as a minimum you must provide information identifying each AS.
  8. Maintain records
    Ensure that you are able to demonstrate BPR compliance in case of audits or inspections.


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