Automotive industry guiding principles to enhance sustainability performance in the supply chain

Several of ACEA’s members are involved in the European Automotive Working Group on Supply Chain Sustainability, with the support of Corporate Social Responsibility Europe (CSR Europe). In this recent press release European vehicle manufacturers highlight their commitment to improving working conditions and the environmental impact of the automotive supply chain.

We endeavour to achieve excellence, innovation and performance in a sustainable manner. People and the environment are the automotive industry’s most important resources. For this reason, we are working together to attain the highest standard in business integrity and in the social and environmental performance of our supply chain.

The automotive industry supply chain has a high degree of complexity, therefore we believe in the benefits of a common approach and message. The following guidelines clearly describe our minimum expectations towards business ethics, working conditions, human rights, and environmental leadership, for our suppliers as well as their subcontractors and suppliers. We expect that suppliers will uphold these standards and cascade them down their supply chain.

These guidelines are based on fundamental principles of social and environmental responsibility that are compliant with local law, consistent with international expectations and are supported by the sponsoring Auto Manufacturers. Individual manufacturers may have their own standards, codes and policies that supersede these guidelines.

The full file can be downloaded below


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