Automobile Industry Pocket Guide 2013-2014

With the latest data on vehicle production, registration, use and taxation, as well as employment and trade, ACEA’s Automobile Industry Pocket Guide provides a map of the European automobile industry today.

As the key figures of this sixth edition clearly show, the automobile industry is the engine of Europe – in terms of its skilled workforce, levels of investment in research and development, the size of its manufacturing base, as well as its trade and tax contributions.

Today, however, the industry stands at a critical juncture, with the economic crisis having taken a harsh toll. Since the 2007 peak, vehicle registrations have shrunk by a quarter – down 4.4 million vehicles. Despite this difficult context, the automotive industry is ready to meet the challenges ahead. It is also ready to support Europe in its ‘mission growth’ of boosting industry’s share of EU GDP to 20% by 2020. In order to be able to adapt to changing demands, our sector requires a robust industrial policy. It needs a supportive regulatory framework that will foster competitiveness, ultimately stimulating growth, jobs and investment – thereby benefiting the European economy as a whole.


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