Automobile Industry Pocket Guide 2012-2013

The automotive industry is a key contributor to the European economy and society. The ongoing economic turmoil we have been facing over the last years has shown the importance of maintaining a strong manufacturing base in the EU because of its strengh as a source of growth and jobs.

The European vehicle manufacturers are global players, driving innovation towards cleaner, safer, and more sustainable transport. In an increasingly fierce global environment, it is crucial that our industry retain and improve its competitiveness both in the EU and worldwide. The European regulatory framework, as well as industrial and trade policy, plays a decisive role in this respect. ACEA maintains a continuous dialogue with policy makers and other stakeholders in the EU, and provides expert knowledge and industry statistics.

Since its first publication five years ago, the “Automobile Industry Pocket Guide” has become a demanded and valued tool for all those interested in automotive industry issues and policies. This 2012 edition contains the latest key figures on employment and trade, as well as vehicle production, registration, use and taxation. As in the previous versions of the guide, the information is presented with graphs, tables and charts, giving the reader a concise snapshot of our sector.


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