Automobile Industry Pocket Guide 2008-2009

Each year, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) publishes its Automobile Industry Pocket Guide in order to provide you with a clear and complete overview of one of Europe’s key industries.

The automotive industry is a key element in the fabric of the European economy and society.
Our industry contributes enormously to the health and wealth of the EU and its near 500 million
inhabitants – it is vital that the automotive sector retains its competitiveness and its competitive edge. The European vehicle manufacturers are technology leaders, driving innovation towards cleaner, sustainable transport, embracing the challenge to use limited resources responsibly. As major corporate citizens, they are fully part of society and, therefore, dialogue and mutual understanding are essential to our industry.

This booklet, the ACEA Automobile Industry Pocket Guide, provides comprehensive and insightful facts and figures – with key data on employment, production, vehicle registration and use, taxation and trade, as well as information on a range of mobility-related issues. It also presents the vehicle manufacturers’ trade association in Brussels, ACEA.


Reproduction of the content of this document is not permitted without the prior written consent of ACEA. Whenever reproduction is permitted, ACEA shall be referred to as source of the information. Quoting or referring to this document is permitted provided ACEA is referred to as the source of the information. 

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