Articulated pedestrian target ACEA specifications

In order to support the development of the scenarios that are used for testing vehicle systems that prevent collisions with pedestrians, ACEA has joined forces with the automotive suppliers and test equipment providers to develop an articulated pedestrian dummy which can better simulate a pedestrian crossing the street.

As a result of these joint industry efforts, Euro NCAP’s Autonomous Emergency Braking Pedestrian Tests will be conducted under even more realistic conditions. Moreover, the parties that have developed the new dummy want to contribute to improving pedestrians’ safety by making their know-how publically available in the ‘Pedestrian Target Specifications’ document, which enables anyone to build a similar test dummy. Please see below to download the file.


Based on the vFSS-protocol (V1.1 from 27.10.2014) for the static dummy, the outcome of the ACEA-Project Articulating Dummy as well as the pre-studies from 4activeSystems, the following specification defines an articulated pedestrian target. The articulation adds additional characteristics of a moving pedestrian and therefore is providing an improved image of a human pedestrian compared to a non-articulated dummy.


For comments or questions regarding the articulated pedestrian dummy, please send an email to:


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