ACEA Oil Sequences 2016

This document details the ACEA 2016 European Oil Sequences (updated) for service-fill oils for gasoline engines, for light duty diesel engines, for gasoline and diesel engines with aftertreatment devices and for heavy duty diesel engines.

These sequences define the minimum quality level of a product for presentation to ACEA members. Individual member companies may indicate more stringent performance limits or other performance parameters than those covered by these sequences. These sequences replaced the ACEA 2012 sequences as a means of defining engine lubricant quality from 1 December 2016 and are mandatory for new claims from 1 December 2017.

The reason for the update is as follows:

  • The L-105 test is not required for category A3/B3. The table is amended to clarify the L-105 test remains applicable only for categories A3/B4 and A5/B5.
  • The L-109 test has been renamed from ‘CEC L-109-16’ to ‘CEC L-109-14’.
  • A number of minor editorial corrections have been made throughout the document.

The website for registration (page 3) is available at:


In the ACEA European Oil Sequences 2016 (including this update), in the section on page 3 dealing with ‘Certification and Registration’, ACEA announced that it “…will introduce a mandatory registration scheme within 2017 and will inform stakeholders about the procedures to be followed for mandatory registration 3 months in advance of the date of mandatory registration”.

Unfortunately, the procedures for completing a mandatory registration scheme have been delayed so this is now unlikely to be introduced in 2017. ACEA will inform all stakeholders as soon as possible on a revised timetable.


Reproduction of the content of this document is not permitted without the prior written consent of ACEA. Whenever reproduction is permitted, ACEA shall be referred to as source of the information. Quoting or referring to this document is permitted provided ACEA is referred to as the source of the information. 

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