A Manifesto for a Competitive European Automobile Industry

The purpose of this policy manifesto (published in June 2014) is to highlight to Europe’s new leaders and key policy makers the importance and needs of an industry whose turnover amounts to almost 7% of the EU’s GDP.

Europe’s automotive industry is part of this continent’s heritage and its industrial future.

With the European economy slowly recovering, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) predicts that sales in Europe could start rising moderately. It is hoped that this growth can be sustained alongside the resurgence of Europe’s economy. Indeed, the link between economic growth and the strength of the automobile industry is inextricable.

It is for this reason that we, as one of the cornerstones of Europe’s economy, call on policy makers to commit to making the reforms necessary to sustain and improve the conditions in which business and industry operate. Growth creates jobs and demand, building a virtuous cycle leading to more jobs and greater prosperity.


Reproduction of the content of this document is not permitted without the prior written consent of ACEA. Whenever reproduction is permitted, ACEA shall be referred to as source of the information. Quoting or referring to this document is permitted provided ACEA is referred to as the source of the information. 

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