Welcome to the new look ACEA Website!

A fresh look for the face of the European automobile industry.

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association is proud to be able to present its new-look website.

Developed over several months, the ACEA team has worked together to update the look and contents of the ACEA website, to make it easier to access our positions and technical data.

The website is divided into several sections. These are:

News: This section includes all the latest updates from the site. You will also find both general and monthly statistical press releases here.

About the Automobile Industry: Here you’ll find up-to-date key figures about the industry, highlighting the continuing significance of automotive production to Europe’s economy and society.

Statistics: Providing high-quality statistics is one of ACEA’s core tasks. In the statistics part of the website you will find all the latest data on motor vehicle registration, production and on vehicles in use. New in this site is the Dynamic Statistics Tool, which lets you visualise certain pieces of data for countries and for the EU.

Industry Topics: The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association deals with subjects from environment and sustainability, to wider issues in transport policy, as well as much inbetween. In the Industry Topics section, you can explore ACEA’s positions on the top automotive issues of the day.

Publications: This section is the repository for all of our printed works and published positions, including the Pocket Guide, Position Papers and Technical Reference Documents.

About Us: ACEA is a well established organisation with a dedicated secretariat of 35, with offices in Brussels, Shanghai and Tokyo. You can find out more about ACEA and its overall mission here.

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