The future of the EU auto industry

The European automobile sector continues to be the backbone of mobility, employment, economic growth and innovation in Europe, contributing over 7% of the EU’s GDP.

Today, however, the industry is facing a number of unprecedented challenges:

  • Confidence in the industry has taken a serious blow.
  • The centre of economic gravity is shifting to other regions, notably Asia.
  • New players are entering the market and disrupting existing business models.
  • The global trade environment is becoming increasingly uncertain.
  • A growing wave of new technologies and trends, including digitalisation and decarbonisation, is redefining mobility as we know it.

In these times of transition, the auto industry is committed to work closely with EU policy makers and other stakeholders to ensure that these challenges can be overcome – and indeed turned into new opportunities for Europe.

Our industry is ready to lead this transformation hand-in-hand with policy makers. Together we have the common aim and shared responsibility to ensure that the EU auto sector can maintain its global leadership in the future.

In light of the new term of the European Commission and the European Parliament, the purpose of this 2019-2024 ACEA Manifesto is to put forward four main pillars to foster collaboration over the next five years:

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