‘Short lead time presents challenge’ say European truck makers

Brussels, 11 December 2014 – The commercial vehicles arm of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association reacted today to the news that just three years of lead time will be available after the publication of the technical requirements related to the revision of the Weights and Dimensions Directive.

European commercial vehicle manufacturers have long stressed the importance of a sufficient lead time where the development of new vehicle technologies is required.

Sufficient lead time is important as it ensures that all market players are ready to competitively develop, test and commercialise compliant vehicles on the date of implementation. The three year lead time may be challenging for European commercial vehicle manufacturers to meet. This is because many of the aerodynamic and safety requirements are as yet unknown. Without knowing the technical requirements, it is difficult for the industry to conduct coherent product planning.

Speaking after the announcement, ACEA Secretary General Erik Jonnaert said, “The European Commission and the European Parliament have always understood the importance of lead-time, planning certainty, long-term targets and cost-effectiveness.”

Mr Jonnaert continued, “This industry requires a predictable and supportive regulatory framework. Vehicle manufacturers may have to make significant changes to their vehicles after this legislation passes. Trucks are not developed overnight, but instead are the product of long-term research and development.”

“The industry will continue its constructive dialogue on this dossier with stakeholders. We must overcome the difficulties that this short lead time presents and create meaningful regulation with realistic outcomes.”

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