Safeguarding a thriving & competitive industry

One of the four main pillars of the 2019-2024 ACEA Manifesto, which seeks to foster collaboration between the auto industry and EU policy makers, is safeguarding a thriving and competitive industry. The main objective is to ensure that an economically-sustainable auto industry can continue to contribute to EU growth and jobs.

What our industry offers

  • A turnover representing more than 7% of the EU’s GDP.
  • Direct and indirect employment for 13.8 million Europeans (6.1% of the EU employed population) and over 11% of total EU manufacturing employment (3.5 million jobs).
  • Some €428 billion in tax contributions in the EU-15 member states alone.
  • Exports generating a trade surplus of €84.4 billion for the European Union annually.
  • A global presence, both through exports from Europe as well as through collaboration and partnerships outside Europe.

What Europe should do

  • Pursue a unique ‘European way’ forward.
    • Instead of emulating other regions that are betting on specific technologies, we should leverage the EU’s own technological and market strengths, which lie in its ability to provide diverse and tailored mobility solutions.
  • Develop an EU industrial strategy for the automotive sector to safeguard its competitiveness.
  • Encourage the adoption of globally harmonised standards and regulations by enhancing international cooperation and fostering the EU’s leadership role.
  • Maximise on Europe’s position as a global export champion.
    • Reinforce the multi-lateral and rule-based trading system within the WTO.
    • Adopt an EU trade policy that enhances the competitiveness of the EU’s manufacturing industry, including supply chains, at the global level.
    • Continue to pursue ambitious bilateral trade negotiations (including the framework of the future EU-UK relationship.
    • Establish a realistic strategy on access to the raw materials which are necessary for new technologies.
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