Motor vehicle manufacturers and fuel industry call for harmonised introduction of fuel identifiers

In a joint letter, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), the Motorcycle Industry in Europe (ACEM), FuelsEurope (European based refiners and fuel suppliers) and UPEI (independent full suppliers) call upon EU member states and the European Commission to help take the necessary actions to allow for the introduction of common fuel ‘identifiers’ in a consistent and harmonised way.

Article 7 of the Directive on Alternative Fuel Infrastructure (DAFI) requires EU member states to implement measures to help improve the information given to consumers when faced with a choice of fuels for their vehicle (covering all fuel and energy types). To that end, a new CEN standard (EN 16942) has been completed which provides common fuel ‘identifiers’ that will be placed on new vehicles and all fuel pumps so that when customers arrive at a filling station and open the fuel filler cap on their vehicle, a common fuel identifier will be visible on both the vehicle and the fuel pump.

ACEA, ACEM, FuelsEurope and UPEI call on all EU member states (and EEA states) to transpose the DAFI into their own national legislation, taking into account the European Commission’s latest clarifications. Only in this way will industry be able to implement these new requirements across the internal market in a reasonably consistent and harmonised way and therefore ensure customers are properly informed. Any fragmented implementation will only result in customer confusion within member states and when they cross borders.

In their joint letter, ACEA, ACEM, FuelsEurope and UPEI also set out the actions they are going to take while inviting the European organisations representing the interests of consumers and drivers to join the initiative.

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