Industry letter on the process the European Commission is following in the AGVES on Euro 7

A coalition of industrial stakeholders sent a letter to European Commission expressing their concerns on the process the Commission is following in the DG GROW Advisory Group on Vehicle Emission Standards (AGVES) on Euro 7.

In this letter, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), suppliers (CLEPA), the fuel industry (FuelsEurope), the natural gas vehicle industry (NGVA) and the international road transport organisation (IRU) recalled the key principles for the Euro 7 preparations, including:

  • Clear definition of the objectives for new Euro 7/VII regulations.
  • Consider new pollutant emission targets that are commensurate with need, proportionality and cost‐effectiveness.
  • Consider changes to pollutant emission test procedures that, on their own, could achieve a proportionate impact on air quality where it is needed.
  • Join‐up the potential for further pollutant emission reductions from new vehicles to the achievement of future CO2 targets.
  • Ensure the work in AGVES on Euro 7 is a transparent data‐driven process that allows stakeholders sufficient time to analyse new proposals and collect input for evidence‐based responses.
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