Getting zero-emission trucks on the road

As IAA Transportation 2022 takes place in Hanover this week, stakeholders from around the world will witness first-hand the truck industry’s innovative solutions to contribute to climate neutrality in the transport sector.

ACEA has taken this opportunity to put together an overview of 34 zero-emission trucks that are already available or soon to come to the market.

All manufacturers have either already started or are about to start series production of their new zero-emission trucks; battery electric first and hydrogen-powered soon thereafter.

As the overview shows, dozens of different battery-electric truck models are available today in various configurations that can be adapted to individual specifications.

Reaching up to up to 44t GTW (gross train weight) with regular payloads, these models can be operated in different mission profiles such as long-haul, regional distribution and construction.

Hydrogen-powered (fuel-cell electric) trucks are the second major zero-emission powertrain technology. Fuel-cell trucks are already in customers’ hands to gain real-world experiences in regular day-to-day operations.

To ensure a swift market adoption of these vehicles, enabling conditions must urgently be put in place in transport and logistics. These include a dense network of charging and refuelling infrastructure suitable for heavy-duty vehicles and an effective carbon pricing system. Vehicles will not be the bottleneck!

Over the weeks and months ahead, we will be putting the spotlight on these #ZeroEmissionTrucks and examining in more detail what is needed to get them on the road. Stay tuned!

To ensure a swift market adoption of #ZeroEmissionsTrucks, enabling conditions must urgently be put in place in transport and logistics.
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