EU approach to Artificial Intelligence welcomed by automobile manufacturers

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) welcomes the European Commission’s initiative on Artificial Intelligence and its goal to develop a European ecosystem of excellence and trust around AI.

ACEA supports the risk-based approach laid down in the proposal. Indeed, a key element for a successful European approach to AI is that the requirements set out in the Regulation are proportionate to the risk level of the AI applications, and are not too burdensome for businesses across Europe, as this would restrain innovation and hinder AI adoption.

A coherent legal framework is crucial for accelerating AI deployment in motor vehicles. We stress our support to the sectoral approach taken by the Commission, as this will ensure that automotive products remain regulated primarily through their sector-specific framework.

In order to avoid duplicating the existing governance mechanisms, ex ante conformity assessment procedures, and the monitoring and market surveillance in place for motor vehicles and their safety components, it is essential that the technical requirements for automotive products are integrated into the existing vehicle type-approval framework.

We trust that this approach will be further supported by the co-legislators (the European Parliament and Council) throughout the ordinary legislative procedure.

A flexible and balanced regulatory framework for AI will promote its widespread deployment in vehicles, contributing to cleaner, more efficient and especially safer mobility in Europe. ACEA believes that AI technology will increase the level of safety for vehicles, drivers, passengers, and roads.

The partially automated vehicles that are already available are equipped with safety systems – from basic ones that give drivers additional sensorial perception (such as blind spot detection) to advanced active safety systems (eg advanced driver assistance systems, advanced emergency braking systems or lane keeping systems) – that intervene automatically, and in a faster and more reliable way than a human being. Driver monitoring systems will enhance the safety of users by detecting distraction or drowsiness, alerting the driver of other hazards.

ACEA’s perspectives on AI are further elaborated in a position paper on the approach of EU automobile manufacturers to Artificial Intelligence. We stand ready to work further with the EU policymakers throughout the adoption process of this initiative.

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