Survey: electric Power Take-Off (ePTO) interface

Electric Power Take-Off (ePTO) allows vehicles to harness electrical energy from their powertrains and use it for various auxiliary functions. This innovation is a key component of the shift towards electric and hybrid vehicles.

ePTO enables the efficient supply of electricity for applications like powering accessories, hydraulic pumps, or other equipment without relying on a separate generator or running the main engine. It contributes to increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and enhanced versatility in various automotive applications, making it a notable advancement in the automotive industry’s ongoing transition towards electrification.

ACEA is currently working on developing specifications for an ePTO interface. This specification covers a pluggable power supply for heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) consumers on a trailer or semitrailer. The vehicles can be hybrids, battery-electric, or fuel-cell vehicles.

This interface will give the opportunity for body builders to power their equipment from the energy storage of an electrified vehicle propulsion system, offering numerous advantages to vehicle body builders which contribute to the overall efficiency, sustainability, and vehicle performance.

The ePTO Specification specifies physical and logical interface requirements that provide interoperability and cross-compatibility for systems and equipment. It focuses on a customer-pluggable DC connection between trucks and trailers/semitrailers.

The draft high-voltage and low-voltage interfaces can be found in the corresponding specification sheets. Three power classes are proposed: 25kW, 50kW, and 100kW, at an operating voltage of up to 1000V. The technical supplement describes the prerequisites, a proposal for an application and some use cases.

The draft specifications can be downloaded below.

To support this initiative, ACEA is seeking input from stakeholders. Interested parties are invited to complete the survey below.



Please read the documents carefully before answering the survey/questionnaire. The deadline to submit your response is 31 January 2024.

Please contact Mr. Keller ( for more information.

ACEA invites interested parties to complete the survey on electric Power Take-Off (ePTO) interface.
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