Ensuring affordable mobility & choice for all

One of the four main pillars of the 2019-2024 ACEA Manifesto, which seeks to foster collaboration between the auto industry and EU policy makers, is ensuring affordable mobility and choice for all. The main objective is to meet the diverse mobility and transport needs of all Europeans, regardless of their financial means.

What our industry offers

  • A broad choice of different types of vehicles, across various price segments, providing suitable solutions for different budgets.
  • Even more powertrain options to choose from in the future, each serving specific communities and mobility needs – ranging from inner-city delivery and regional commuting to long-distance travel.
  • Continued investment in new mobility services, including on-demand models (such as carsharing, ride-hailing and ridesharing) and innovative logistics concepts

What Europe should do

  • Create adequate and favourable market conditions for the uptake of ZLEVs in all member states through financial and non-financial incentives, making cleaner vehicles affordable for all layers of society.
  • Recognise that decarbonisation can only happen at a pace that is supported by society as a whole.
    • New rules and regulations should not have a negative impact on the freedom of mobility of people with limited means.
  • Ensure technology neutrality when it comes to alternative powertrains to ensure that innovation triggers the best solutions for consumers.
    • Imposing specific technologies only limits choice and constrains innovation; Europe will only thrive if people are provided with more choice instead of less.
  • Put the principle of ‘co-modality’ at the heart of future EU transport policy. All transport modes should be integrated in a complementary way, including privately-owned vehicles.
  • Address consumer uncertainty by tackling the growing patchwork of urban vehicle access restrictions, and their lack of coherence with the EU internal market rules.
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