Delivering clean & safe mobility

One of the four main pillars of the 2019-2024 ACEA Manifesto, which seeks to foster collaboration between the auto industry and EU policy makers, is delivering clean and safe mobility. The main objective is to enable the transition to zero emissions and zero fatalities.

What our industry offers

  • An increasingly wide-ranging and diverse offer of zero- and low-emission vehicles (ZLEVs).
  • Vehicles that will continuously emit less pollutants, stepping up our contribution to cleaner cities and a healthier environment.
  • Cutting-edge active safety technology for vehicles, enhanced by cooperative and automated systems, that can help to prevent accidents from happening.
  • Better communication with citizens on safe driving and a more effective use of those safety features already available in their vehicles.

What Europe should do

  • Draw up a comprehensive plan for the transition to low- and zero-emission mobility, as has already been done in China and the United States.
  • Develop appropriate strategies and enabling conditions to deal with the wider implications of this shift, notably on:
    • The lack of recharging and refuelling infrastructure, including leveraging EU funding instruments;
    • The very different skills and training required for the production, maintenance and recycling of ZLEVs;
    • The impact of the ZLEV transition on today’s jobs and key automotive regions;
    • The production and recycling of batteries, as well as securing the availability of affordable raw materials.
  • Provide a consistent and realistic roadmap for the development of future CO2 emission standards for cars, vans, trucks and buses.
  • Ensure the better coordination of climate change and air quality policies, including assessing the impact of any future Euro standards for pollutant emissions.
  • Collect and analyse EU-wide accident data to have a more solid knowledge base for choosing further safety measures.
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