CO2 from cars and vans

Thanks to huge efforts by industry and billions of euros worth of investment in R&D, the sector is on the path to bringing down CO2 emissions from cars and vans to the levels required by regulation.

Falling CO2 emissions from new cars and vans are the result of long-term efforts on the part of the industry, which has been sustained both with and without legislation.

It is clear that CO2 levels from vehicles have to continue on their downward trend and the industry is committed to delivering on this. By 2021, CO2 emissions of new cars in the EU will be 42% lower than in 2005.

The EU targets for 2021 are the most stringent in the world. Accordingly, the 2021 targets for the European fleet are far tougher to achieve than those in the US, China or Japan (USA: 121g, Japan: 117g, China: 119g, bearing in mind that calculation methods vary in different parts of the world).

Europe and its automobile industry play a leading role in the global challenge to reduce CO2 emissions. Now is the time for the other regions of the world to catch up.

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