CARS 2020

The CARS 2020 Action Plan for a competitive and sustainable automotive industry in Europe was launched by the European in November 2012 in response to the ongoing challenges facing the automobile industry.

Building upon the CARS 21 High Level Group report published in June 2012, CARS 2020 contains four pillars:

  1. Investing in advanced technologies and financing innovation
  2. A stronger internal market and smart regulation
  3. Global markets and the international harmonisation of vehicle regulations
  4. Anticipating adaptation and softening the social impacts of industrial adjustments

ACEA welcomes CARS 2020 and supports a number of its proposals, such as making ‘clean vehicles’ an investment priority; carrying out a ‘fitness check’ of EU legislation on type-approval of motor vehicles; and conducting a ‘competitiveness proofing’ of all major initiatives that have a significant impact on the automotive industry in the areas of trade, transport, energy and climate policy.

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