ACEA welcomes new connected car standards

ACEA welcomes the adoption of common standards that will encourage the harmonisation and deployment of connected cars, both in Europe and across the globe, as early as is realistic.

Two European standards organisations, ETSI and CEN, recently confirmed that the basic set of standards requested by the European Commission to make connected cars a reality has been fully completed.

The European automobile industry invests a large portion of its €32bn R&D budget into research enabling connected cars and related ITS projects. ACEA believes that Vehicle-2-Vehicle (V2) communications and Vehicle-2-Infrastructure (V2I) networking are two of many vital components of a safer, more efficient and sustainable transport system. While the auto industry is already very advanced on the technology side, these investments will only bear fruit if the required infrastructure is in place. The industry also stresses that developments in connectivity will only benefit users if concerns regarding privacy, data protection, driver distraction and liability are addressed.

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