ACEA Secretary General attends ERTICO Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems

The 10th ITS European Congress is taking place over four days between 16-19 June, in Helsinki. The congress, which is an initiative of ERTICO – ITS Europe explores issues related to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), including the potential for the integration of such technologies into future infrastructure and vehicles. Europe’s automobile manufacturers contribute constructively to such discussions.

ACEA Secretary General Erik Jonnaert, speaking on this morning’s panel on the future of mobility as a service called for “Stronger collaboration among stakeholders to ensure that ITS provides smarter mobility for all. The automobile industry embraces ITS as a means to develop safer, cleaner and smarter vehicles, as well as to roll out new mobility services.”

Reinforcing the need for cooperation and smart regulation to ensure the successful deployment of ITS technology, Mr Jonnaert said, “Industry needs room to continue innovating and exploring the potential of ITS to create the mobility services and new mobility solutions of the future.”

The automotive industry is ready to engage with governments and other industry players to develop new mobility solutions in a way which respects the consumer, whose safety and privacy should remain the cornerstone of any new service or innovation.

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