Frequently asked questions about ACEA statistics

Please read our ‘Frequently asked questions about ACEA statistics’ below.

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When are the next press releases on new registrations due?

An overview of the publication dates of the monthly press releases on registrations of passenger cars and commercial vehicles – as well as our (quarterly) data on the fuel types of new passenger cars – can be found on the press release calendar page.

Why do the figures published in the ACEA press releases differ from the ones in the ‘Motor vehicle registrations in Europe, by country’ and ‘Motor vehicle registrations in Europe, by manufacturer’ overviews with consolidated figures?

Every month, ACEA publishes two press releases reporting new passenger car (PC) and commercial vehicle (CV) registrations in Europe, which also contains an update of the previous year’s results. The data published by ACEA for the current year is provisional and provided by national sources.

At the beginning of each year, ACEA publishes the consolidated data on its website, ie an update of the monthly figures. This information is compiled by the Association Auxilliaire de l’Automobile (AAA) and is updated on an annual basis for the current year and the previous year.

Due to regular changes in the registration files by the official licensing authorities, ACEA registration data also changes regularly for the current and the previous year’s data. 

Why are not all brands included in the monthly press releases?

The monthly press releases on registrations of new passenger cars only cover ACEA members, but all brands are included in the consolidated figures by manufacturer that are updated annually.

What do the vehicle categories reported by ACEA correspond to?

  • PC = Passenger cars
  • LCV = Light commercial vehicles up to 3.5t, also called ‘vans’
    • Light buses and coaches are also included in this category
  • HCV = Heavy commercial vehicles over 16t, also called ‘heavy trucks’
  • MHCV = Medium and heavy commercial vehicles over 3.5t, also called ‘trucks’
  • BC = Buses and coaches over 3.5t

Where can I find new registrations of passenger cars broken down by brand and model?

ACEA publishes monthly provisional registration figures by country and by brand, but not by model. 

Where can I find new registration figures of passenger cars broken down by brand for each country?

ACEA publishes monthly provisional registration figures by country and by brand but separately. Should you be looking for a break down by brand in each country, please contact the national automobile association of the countries you are interested in. 

Where can I find historical registration figures?

They can be found here:

When is the production data updated?

Production figures are available through OICA, who update them regularly.

What do the car segments reported correspond to?

  • Small = Segment A + Segment B
  • Lower Medium = Segment C
  • Upper Medium = Segment D
  • Luxury = Segment E + F
  • MPV = Multi-purpose vehicles
  • SUV = Sport utility vehicles
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