Top 10: alternative fuel vehicle registrations by country in 2016

Over the first three quarters of 2016, demand for alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) in the European Union grew by 4.7%, totalling 440,238 units. So far in 2016, AFVs represented almost 4% of total passenger car registrations.

Quick facts:

  • Italy was the country with the most new alternative fuel vehicles registered over the first nine months of 2016. The vast majority of Italian registrations, 112,049 to be precise, were made up of vehicles that run on natural gas (NGV), LPG and ethanol (E85), referred to as ‘Other AFV’ in chart above.
  • The United Kingdom accounted for the biggest number of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) over the same period, with registrations totalling 40,767 HEVs.
  • In the electrically chargeable vehicles (ECV) segment, Norway maintained its leading position with 33,386 new vehicles.
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