Size and distribution of the EU vehicle fleet

The European Union’s motor vehicle fleet counts 242.7 million passenger cars, and more than 35 million commercial vehicles and buses.

Key observations

  • In 2019, the European Union passenger car fleet grew by 1.8% compared to 2018, with the number of cars on the road reaching 242.7 million. The highest growth was recorded in Romania (+7%), whereas the French car market contracted slightly (-0.3%).
  • More than 28 million vans are in circulation throughout the EU. With 6 million vehicles, France has by far the largest van fleet, followed by Italy (4.2 million vans), Spain (3.8 million) and Germany (2.8 million).
  • There are 6.2 million medium and heavy commercial vehicles on the EU’s roads. Counting almost 1.2 million trucks, Poland has the largest fleet, followed closely by Germany (1,010,742) and Italy (946,393).
  • Around 692,207 buses are in operation throughout the European Union, almost half of which can be found in three countries alone: Poland, Italy and France.
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