Main destinations of EU car exports in 2017

From January to September 2017, EU passenger car exports increased compared to a year ago, both in value (+2.3%) and in volume terms (+4.7%). The European Union exported some 4.2 million passenger cars, worth around €94.5 billion in total.

Quick facts:

  • The United States remained the EU’s most valuable export market for passenger cars, with exports roughly amounting to €27 billion – 0.9% more than during the same period last year. However, EU car exports to the US did decline slightly in volume terms, going down 2.2%.
  • The value of EU exports to Japan and China increased significantly, by +11.2% and +9.9% respectively.
  • Strong growth was also observed in EU export volumes to Nigeria, which were 164.0% higher than last year.
  • By contrast, car exports to Turkey dropped significantly, both in volume (- 22.1%) and in value (-25.9%) during the same period.
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