Interactive map – COVID-19 impact on EU automobile production, full-year 2020

Based on full-year figures for 2020, this map shows the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the production of motor vehicles for each of the 27 EU countries and the UK.

COVID-19 production impact, by country

  • In 2020, EU-wide production losses due to COVID-19 amounted to 4,243,577 vehicles.
    • That is 22.9% of total EU production in 2019.
    • This figure includes passenger cars, trucks, vans and buses.
  • These losses are the result of factory shutdowns (during the ‘lockdown’ months of March, April and May) and the fact that production capacity did not return to pre-crisis levels yet.


  • This is by far the most comprehensive EU-wide overview currently available, combining all known information and available sources.
  • Nevertheless, it is important to stress that ACEA fully acknowledges that this overview is non-exhaustive, it merely serves as a tool to show the EU-wide impact of the crisis.
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