Average age of the EU motor vehicle fleet, by vehicle type

The motor vehicle fleet of the European Union keeps getting older year-on-year. Below you will find a detailed overview of the changes in the average age of EU cars, vans, trucks, and buses between 2017 and 2019.

Key observations

  • EU cars are now on average 11.5 years old. Lithuania, Estonia and Romania have the oldest fleets, with vehicles older than 16 years. The newest cars can be found in Luxembourg (6.5 years) and Austria (8.3 years).
  • The average age of light commercial vehicles in the EU is 11.6 years. Among the EU’s four major markets, Spain has the oldest van fleet (13.0 years), followed closely by Italy (12.6 years).
  • Trucks are on average 13 years old in the European Union. Aged more than 21 years, Greek trucks are the oldest in the EU. The newest trucks are in Austria (6.4 years).
  • The average age of buses on EU roads is 11.7 years. The oldest buses can be found in Greece (19.9 years), while the newest ones are in Austria (4.8 years).
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