Sustainable mobility services

The automobile industry in Europe is exploring new means to purvey mobility to the people of Europe and the world.

The demand for transportation is unlikely to decrease: even if people drive less, they will still need to get around. Innovation both on and off the roads has led to the development of new services, some of which have the potential to genuinely influence the automotive industry. Smartphones, as well as other telecommunications technologies, are making it easier to provide digital services, such as access to mobility.

The ability to connect cars to telecoms networks – and to each other – opens up the opportunity for manufacturers to provide tailor-made services to users. 

In this respect, car sharing services could change the automotive landscape too. Car sharing schemes – such as Car2Go, DriveNow or Greenwheels, and non-OEM operations such as the Paris Autolib and Belgium’s Cambio service – could make personal mobility available to people for whom car ownership is impractical. Vehicle manufacturers are making the leap into becoming mobility service providers.

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