Repair and Maintenance Information – RMI

Access to repair and maintenance information is an important part of a safe and effective automotive aftermarket.

Everyone who owns a motor vehicle knows how important it is to ensure that it is properly maintained, serviced and repaired. This repair and maintenance work ranges from a simple oil filter change to the highly complex reprogramming of electronic control units governing the engine management and emissions control system or the deployment of airbags. 

Vehicle manufacturers make every effort to ensure that their customers are able to have their vehicles adequately maintained, serviced and repaired regardless of whether this occurs in the manufacturers’ authorised repairer network or not. This is why they make available all necessary technical information, tools, equipment and training material to independent operators such as independent repairers, manufacturers and distributors of repair equipment, tools or spare parts, publishers of technical information, automobile clubs, roadside assistance operators, operators offering inspection and testing services, operators offering training for installers and manufacturers, or repairers of equipment for alternative fuel vehicles. All these independent operators can have online access to this information on the websites listed in the related article on “RMI Service Information”.

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