Raw materials

European industry needs fair, long-term, stable and secure access to global supplies of raw materials.

The European automobile industry welcomes that EU and national policy makers have identified the safe and sustainable access to raw materials as a central economic issue. Artificial resource scarcity in other world regions due to economic policy initiatives has lead to significant economic risks for the European automobile industry. 

Productive industrials, such as automotive manufacturers, require free, fair and broad access to raw materials under reasonable conditions in order to remain competitive on the world market. Global demand by the automotive industry for raw materials is likely to continue or even to grow, given the expected increase in demand for transportation across the world. Access to strategic materials is therefore a fundamental prerequisite for the future competitiveness of EU manufacturing in general, and the automotive industry in particular. 

Other regions of the world are active in ensuring access for their manufacturing industries, actively securing resources not available in their region. In conjunction with other European manufacturing industries, vehicle manufacturers strongly encourage the implementation of the EU’s comprehensive raw materials strategy. It will help ensure a level playing field for European industry.

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