Welcome to the Global List of Automotive Process Substances (GLAPS) page. Here you will find information related to the GLAPS and useful documents that can be downloaded. Please note that the actual published list is just an initial list not covering the full scope yet.

GLAPS is the result of efforts of a global team from the automotive, automotive suppliers and chemical industries organized in the Automotive Process Substance Group (APSG). The purpose of the APSG is to facilitate communication and exchange of information regarding the use of certain substances in chemical products throughout the supply chain. The GLAPS only contains substances that are relevant to the automotive industry and are delivered to the automotive industry as a substance or mixture. For the full scope please see Document Scope (Annex of Guidance).

In recent years many individual lists were developed. The experience has shown that a single, globally harmonised list with clear criteria and scope and a transparent process would improve the processes for all above mentioned industries. This was the key reason for developing GLAPS.

  • The GLAPS List is consisting of the three different tabs: ‘GLAPS Reference List’, ‘Regional Details’ and ‘Sources’.
  • The GLAPS Reference List shows the overall view of all GLAPS listed substances with the according identifiers and the overview about the status (eg Reportable, Prohibited) in the different regions/countries.
  • Further information and details on the regulated substance can be found in the ‘Regional Details’. In addition to the source, classification and reason also the affected uses, the required actions, the effective dates as well as the reporting thresholds are listed.
  • Further information on the relevant legislation can then be found in the tab ‘Sources’.
  • Should you have any questions or comments about the Automotive Process Substance Group or the GLAPS, please contact a member of the APSG Steering Committee, listed in the ‘Contact Information’ file.


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