Environment and sustainability

Ensuring cleaner, safer and inter-connected transport systems

Environmentally-friendly and sustainable mobility is a goal for European auto makers, not just an aspiration. However, it is clear that a model of sustainable mobility cannot emerge from technology alone. A little like a jigsaw, there are many pieces that must be joined together to form a complete picture.

The automotive sector recognises its role. Investments in vehicle technology, intelligent transport systems and cleaner production processes have already played a significant part in cutting emissions and improving safety.

However, it is clear that the interdependent challenges of matching economic growth with environmental improvements and improved social responsibility can only be fully realised through a more collaborative approach.

Governments, fuel companies, associated industries and end users must also play their part. Working together, we can continue to enjoy the benefits of personal mobility and the economic prosperity that vehicles bring, while  minimising the cost of motoring to society and the environment.

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