ACEA guidelines for FTAs

ACEA follows the following trade policy principles in its recommendations.

The ACEA guidelines for Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are:

  • FTAs should eliminate all automotive import duties (including for parts and components). In specific and limited cases, asymmetrical tariff dismantling periods can be permitted.
  • FTAs should apply EU-standard Rules of Origin thresholds.
  • FTAs should secure the elimination of non-tariff barriers (NTBs), and in particular, promote the recognition and deployment of the UNECE Regulations (1958 and 1998 Agreements).
  • FTAs should include reciprocal investment policies (i.e. protection against expropriation or discriminatory measures), and access to public procurement.
  • FTAs should avoid export duties and any other restrictions of supplies of raw materials.
  • References to ‘environmental goods’ in FTAs should be applied cautiously, and an efficient dispute settlement and safeguard mechanism with an effective monitoring system should be included.
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