Come and discuss the new Mobility Package at ‘Powertrain options for commercial vehicles’

Do not forget to register for ACEA’s ‘Powertrain options for commercial vehicles’ conference on 29 November. Seating is limited!

  • The European Commission has just announced a €800 million action plan to boost investment in alternative fuel infrastructure, will this be enough?
  • The Commission’s new Mobility Package also seeks to promote green public procurement, but what do public authorities really need to make the switch?
  • What is diesel’s future, considering it powers over 90% of trucks, vans and buses today?

Join us at the ‘Powertrain options for commercial vehicles’ conference to explore and debate which technologies will power Europe’s commercial vehicles in the future! Now that the European Commission has published its second Mobility Package, the panel discussions and speeches promise to be more relevant than ever!

Vehicle display

At the conference, you can also discover first-hand a display of various trucks, buses and vans powered by a wide range of innovative propulsion technologies – electric, hybrid, gas, diesel, biogas and biodiesel.

The display will be organised into two areas, representing the different uses of the vehicles:

  • Regional and long-haul transport;
  • Urban transport of goods and people.

Come and see the vehicles first-hand, sit inside, and find out more about their technologies from the vehicle explainers who will be present on-site to answer your questions.

More information

Click here to read the programme and find out more about the event.


Wednesday 29 November 2017, from 13.30 to 17.30


Autoworld Museum
Parc du Cinquantenaire 11, 1000 Brussels

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