11th Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum Europe 2015

Examining current and future on-road emissions regulation and cost-effective compliant strategies.

Now in its 11th year, the Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue Forum Europe 2015 will once again host dedicated heavy-duty and light-duty vehicle tracks which will provide crucial insights into current and future legislation and emissions reduction technologies, ensuring the emissions control strategies of vehicle and manufacturers are both compliant and profitable.

Investigating Euro 6c Real Driving Emission standards and implementation timeframe

While Euro 6 has been in force since September, the light-duty and passenger cars sector must prepare for the final phase of legislation and the introduction of Real Driving Emissions (RDE) targets and new WLTP testing procedure.

The European Commission have selected PEMs to test Real Driving Emissions in light-duty vehicles, but what is the timeline for RDE regulation implementation and exactly what are the parameters of the standards? To achieve the CO2 emissions target of 95g/km, how will the WLTP testing procedure be adopted?

Taking place on the 18 June, the light-duty vehicles and passenger car track will explore:

  • The European trends of RDE tests and WLTP testing procedure on light-duty vehicles and passenger cars
  • Current status and future prospects of Euro 6 implementation from an OEM’s perspective
  • Meeting potential emissions reduction requirements in real-world applications
  • AdBlue® infrastructure progress and SCR implementation across Europe

Exploring the impact of VECTO test procedure for heavy-duty commercial vehicles

The development of the European Commission’s VECTO simulation tool, which measures CO2 and fuel efficiency, is the next big challenge for Europe’s heavy-duty vehicles industry.

The European Commission’s commitment to emissions reduction shows no sign of abating and heavy-duty vehicle and engine manufacturers need to consider the entire vehicle to ensure emissions standards compliance.

Taking place on the 16-17 June, the heavy-duty commercial vehicle track will examine:

  • Fleet owners’ operational experiences of Euro VI vehicles
  • Update on the VECTO tool for CO2 measurement in commercial vehicles
  • In-service conformity procedures for commercial vehicles
  • Advanced technologies: Optimisation of engine and aftertreatment technologies necessary to reduce CO2 and criteria pollutants
  • Developments in integrated natural gas supply chain
  • Analysis of biofuels as emissions reduction solutions in commercial vehicles

The conference also features dedicated streams on non-road mobile machinery, marine vessels and the AdBlue® Forum.  Each stream offers expert analysis from leading global engine and vehicle manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

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