Commercial vehicles: October new registrations soar by 13%

Brussels, 27/11/2007 – Ten months into 2007, new truck registrations in Europe were 4.5% higher than in the same period in 2006. New commercial vehicle registrations in Europe increased by 13% in October 2007.

Demand for vans rose by nearly 10% and for heavy trucks (over 16 tonnes) by 35%. With 40,789 new trucks over 3.5 tonnes, this segment posted the highest number ever recorded in the month of October. Ten months into 2007, new truck registrations in Europe were 4.5% higher than in the same period in 2006. Busses and coaches also improved their cumulative ten-month result thanks to a substantial 17.3% growth in October. The results were partly influenced by one extra working day in the whole region and a sluggish 2006 performance caused by a rush in purchases before the introduction of Euro IV legislation. However, they most of all reflect the current healthy and dynamic European and foreign demand in this sector.

New Light Commercial Vehicles up to 3.5t (vans)

There were 202,010 vans registered in Europe (EU23+EFTA) in October, 9.7% more than last year. Western Europe reported a 7.6% rise and registrations in the new EU member states climbed by 32.8%. Apart from France (–1.3%), all the main markets posted growths. Germany and Italy reported the highest increases (+33.2% and 13.1%, respectively) and were followed by the UK (+6.2%) and Spain (2.9%). The majority of the remaining EU15 countries posted two-digit growths, with the exception of Denmark (–28.7%), Ireland (–15.4%) and Portugal (–12.8%), where new van registrations declined. Poland (+49.4%), Slovenia (+32%) and the Czech Republic (+30.4%) were among the best performing new member states. Steady growth trend in van registrations in Europe resulted in 8% higher cumulative ten-month figures. Western Europe and the new EU member states outperformed their last year’s registrations by 6.7% and 24.6%, respectively. With the exception of Denmark (–6.7%), all other markets improved their results.

New Heavy Commercial Vehicles over 16t (excluding Buses & Coaches)

New heavy truck registrations went up by 34.7% in October 2007, as compared with the last year’s slump that followed anticipated purchases prior to the Euro IV legislation. Registrations in the new member states increased by +58.6% and in Western Europe by +31.7%. Apart from Ireland (–27%) and Estonia (–5.4%), most of the EU countries posted two-digit growths. Regarding the main markets, the UK almost doubled its figures (+91.9%) and was followed by Germany (+34.2%), France (+23.3%), Spain (+21.7%) and Italy (+14.9%). The growth in the new member states was mainly driven by expansion in registrations in Poland (+92.1%) and in the Czech Republic (+65.5%). Ten months into 2007, new heavy truck market in Europe was up by 6.9% thanks to a solid upturn in the new member states (+50.1%) and a West Europe’s slight recovery (+2.2%).

New Commercial Vehicles over 3.5t (excluding Buses & Coaches)

New truck registrations (above 3.5 tonnes) in Europe were higher than ever recorded in the month of October (40,789). Compared to October last year, there were 30% more new trucks registered in Western Europe and 53.5% in the new member states. All main EU markets positively contributed to the overall result, with increases ranging from +73% in the UK to +15.7% in Italy. Among the smaller markets, only Ireland and Estonia saw their registrations drop (–23.2% and –5.5%). Between January and October 2007 new truck registrations in Europe remained on an upward slope (+4.5%), mainly helped by a dynamic growth in the new EU member states (+41.9%).

New Buses & Coaches over 3.5t

New bus and coach October registrations in Europe jumped by 17.3%. Western Europe posted a substantial growth (+22.3%) but registrations in the new member states slowed down considerably (–40.5%). However, thanks to the overall good October result, the strongly negative trend in the European cumulative figures has been reversed (–0.1%).


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