NOx emissions from the EU van fleet by Euro classes

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NOx emissions from the EU van fleet by Euro classes

Figures show that in 2025 Euro 6 vans will make up 53% of the EU fleet. However, pre-Euro 6 vans (sold before 2014) will still contribute to nearly 50% of total NOx emissions.

Job opportunity: REACH and Chemical Policy Manager

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) is looking for a REACH and Chemical Policy Manager to support the association's work on regulatory developments on issues relating to the environmental impacts of vehicle production and processes.

Zero-Emission Trucks: Episode 7 – The future is already here

In this seventh episode of the #ZeroEmissionTrucks series, Gerrit Marx, Chief Executive Officer at Iveco Group, and Jens Meier, CEO of Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), discuss the deployment of #ZeroEmissionTrucks to support the decarbonisation process of Hamburg port.

Commercial vehicle registrations: -14.6% in 2022; -5.1% in December

In December 2022, new commercial vehicle registrations in the EU retreated by 5.1%, as component shortages continued to weigh on vehicle availability.

Fossil-free freight transport by 2040: The North Star of the trucking industry

In this video, ACEA Director General Sigrid de Vries outlines some takeaways from the event ‘Getting #ZeroEmissionTrucks on the Road’, which brought together key stakeholders from the trucking and road transport industry, science and politics.

Sigrid de Vries live from the Brussels Motor Show 2023

Sigrid de Vries, ACEA Director General, shares her thoughts on the European automotive industry’s efforts to reach climate-neutral mobility.

NOx emissions from the EU heavy truck fleet by Euro classes

Figures show that in 2025 Euro VI heavy trucks will make up almost 58% of the EU fleet. However, pre-Euro VI vehicles (sold before 2013) will still contribute to 77% of total NOx emissions from the heavy truck fleet.

Euro VII: A threat to European competitiveness and jobs

In this video, Martin Lundstedt, CEO of Volvo Group and Chair of ACEA’s Commercial Vehicles Board, flags the risk that Euro VII will slow down the decarbonisation of road transport.


About ACEA

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, or ACEA, unites Europe’s 14 major car, truck, van and bus makers.

We are the voice of the auto industry: a technological world leader and the backbone of the EU economy. Our members keep Europe on the move, providing diverse solutions for moving people and goods from A to B.

Together, we are progressing on the road to zero-emission and zero-fatality transport. We are addressing major technology shifts and the changing mobility needs of Europeans.

ACEA is working towards a new era of mobility, where all Europeans can access affordable transport solutions that are:

  • Green & Clean
  • Smart & Efficient
  • Safe & Reliable

Our aim is to drive Europe’s mobility transformation – while at the same time ensuring that the auto industry remains a strong Global & Competitive player.

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