Passenger car registrations: -14.4% first four months of 2022; -20.6% in April

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Passenger car registrations: -14.4% first four months of 2022; -20.6% in April

In April 2022, new passenger car registrations in the European Union saw a significant drop (-20.6%), as supply chain issues continued to weigh heavily on car production.

Trucks: Transition to carbon-neutrality

In this one-minute video, Martin Lundstedt, Chair of ACEA’s Commercial Vehicle Board and CEO of Volvo Group, explains that the commercial vehicle industry is well on the way to climate neutrality.

Position paper – Proposal for a Data Act

In February 2022, the European Commission unveiled its proposal for a Data Act. This proposal sets out horizontal principles aiming at ensuring fair data access and use, as well as empowering consumers to remain in control over their data.

Position paper – Essential uses

As part of the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability (CSS), a number of legislative and non-legislative measures with wide-ranging impacts on the auto industry are planned. These include amendments which will affect how the REACH Regulation is applied.

ACEA calls on MEPS to vote for EU ETS for road transport

Ahead of next week’s vote by the European Parliament’s Environment Committee on the EU ETS, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) is calling on MEPs to support the establishment of a solid carbon pricing system that includes road transport.

Fuel types of new cars: battery electric 10.0%, hybrid 25.1% and petrol 36.0% market share in Q1 2022

In the first quarter of 2022, the market share of hybrid electric vehicles expanded, accounting for 25.1% of total passenger car sales in the European Union (up from 20.9% in Q1 2021).

Alternative fuels infrastructure: road transport coalition calls for stronger ambition

Leading voices in the EU road transport sector are urgently calling on EU member states and the European Parliament to agree on ambitious targets for electric recharging and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.

EU ETS for road transport: essential to decarbonise sector

The proposed new EU Emissions Trading System (ETS2) – covering road transport and heating for buildings – is currently one of the most controversial topics in the European Parliament.


About ACEA

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, or ACEA, unites Europe’s 16 major car, truck, van and bus makers.

We are the voice of the auto industry: a technological world leader and the backbone of the EU economy. Our members keep Europe on the move, providing diverse solutions for moving people and goods from A to B.

Together, we are progressing on the road to zero-emission and zero-fatality transport. We are addressing major technology shifts and the changing mobility needs of Europeans.

ACEA is working towards a new era of mobility, where all Europeans can access affordable transport solutions that are:

  • Green & Clean
  • Smart & Efficient
  • Safe & Reliable

Our aim is to drive Europe’s mobility transformation – while at the same time ensuring that the auto industry remains a strong Global & Competitive player.

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